Saving coral reefs is the primary focus of our two main programs:




We’ve found that the fastest and most cost-effective way to accelerate ocean action is through creative communication.

We built our reputation on innovative communication; taking Google Street View underwater, developing a sports sponsorship model for science, giving a name to the Third Global Coral Bleaching Event, instigating the Netflix Original Documentary Chasing Coral and conceiving the 50 Reefs initiative.

We are now working (with our dream team of partners), on an even more ambitious initiative. Our aim is to spark the public support and motivation necessary to save coral reefs, by unlocking the massive potential of working with influential brands - driving the urgent policy, funding and targeted conservation action necessary.

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We’ve found the next best way to accelerate action is through innovative technology.

When it comes to ocean conservation, using new technology can make a massive difference. With AI technology especially, there is a huge potential to rapidly increase our ability to monitor reefs using an “Armada” of citizen scientists.

We had huge success with our revolutionary SVII camera and advanced image-recognition software, developed in collaboration with the University of Queensland and UC Berkeley, not only in dramatically increasing the speed, scale and cost-effectiveness of scientific monitoring, but also attracting global media attention. We are currently working with our partners on developing new camera and AI technology that can take this monitoring to a whole new level.

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