War in the Pacific
Partner: U.S. National Park Service

The Pacific was a theater for some of the greatest battles of World War II. See the remnants of war as they stand today.


Quiz: Ocean Safari

How well do you know the ocean’s biggest creatures? Test your knowledge while taking a virtual dive around the world.


International Year of the Reef
Partner: ICRI

Coral reefs are some of the Earth’s greatest marvels — amazing underwater cities full of color, life and mystery. To celebrate International Year of the Reef in 2018, we’re exploring this fascinating underwater world. We’d like you to join us.


Chasing a Global Coral Bleaching Event
Partner: NOAA

Coral reefs around the world have experienced the widest-spread, longest and most damaging bleaching event on record. The Ocean Agency, armed with custom-built 360-degree underwater cameras, has been racing around the world to reveal this crisis.


The Adventure Behind Chasing Coral
Partner: Exposure Labs

Coral reefs around the world are vanishing at an unprecedented rate. Join the adventure behind the Netflix Original Documentary, Chasing Coral as a team from The Ocean Agency sets out to reveal our changing ocean.


Revealing the Center of Life

Where is the center of life on Earth? Many scientists would argue it is a place called Raja Ampat in The Coral Triangle. Coral reefs in Raja Ampat have a higher diversity of coral and reef fish species than anywhere else in the world. All marine life thrives on the healthy, abundant coral reefs in Raja Ampat — a region that is beautiful both above and below the surface.


Florida: Dive Capital of the World

A must-visit area for many divers is the underwater playground of the Florida Keys. Described as the dive capital of the world, these islands hold the world’s third-largest barrier reef, thousands of mangrove-fringed islands and extensive seagrass beds.


Searching for Seadragons in Sydney

Sydney, Australia is surrounded by the best marine life of any major city on the planet, including one of the most elusive and bizarre creatures found in the ocean — the weedy seadragon. Join us as we explore the underwater life Sydney has to offer.


Searching for Sharks in Street View

For the past four years, The Ocean Agency has revealed the ocean to the world through Google Street View. Along the way, we've encountered a few unexpected guests. Follow along as our dive team encounters the world's largest, most dangerous and most surprising sharks.




Underwater Excursion

Encounter marine animals, see thriving coral reefs and explore shipwrecks as you tour the underwater world.


Underwater Galapagos

This expedition will take you on a journey underwater to one of the most fascinating places on Earth — the Galapagos Islands.


Underwater American Samoa

Visit the tropical coral reefs of the only U.S. territory south of the Equator, American Samoa.


Manmade Reefs

Not all coral reefs form naturally. Around the globe, artificial reefs have been created both intentionally and unintentionally.


Preserved Oceans

UNESCO World Heritage Sites are places of outstanding universal value on Earth. Our planet is over 70 percent ocean, so it's fitting that many of these places are underwater.


Coral Reefs

Learn all about coral reefs around the world, their inhabitants, their health, and some ways they are managed and protected.


The 3rd Global Coral Bleaching Event

The 3rd Global Coral Bleaching Event was the worst coral die-off in recorded history, with 70 percent of the world's reefs suffering.


Underwater Florida Keys

More people go diving in Florida than virtually any other location on Earth. Journey through some of Florida's most famous sites.


Underwater Caribbean

Coral reefs are an integral part of the Caribbean, winding along thousands of kilometers of the region's coastlines.


USS Arizona Memorial

Take a tour (above and below the surface) of a tragic event on “a day “which will live in infamy”.