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We work with powerful brands to fast track ocean conservation…


Revealing the Ocean Crisis with NOAA and Netflix

We decided to bring the coral reefs crisis to a mainstream audience in the Netflix Original Documentary Chasing Coral. It has been seen by tens of millions of people around the world, and thanks to the brilliant work of the production team, Exposure Labs, Chasing Coral won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Nature Documentary in 2018.



Revolutionizing Ocean Education with Google

About 99.9% of people have never gone scuba diving — and probably never will. This is a huge barrier for ocean conservation, as virtually no one can see the problems firsthand. So we decided to team up with Google to take Street View underwater. In our first week, we took more people virtual diving than have ever been diving in history.



Recording the Ocean Crisis with Catlin Insurance

With our scientific partner, The University of Queensland, we teamed up with Catlin Insurance to carry out the most comprehensive visual survey of coral reefs ever conducted. Our technology was over 30 times more efficient than traditional surveying, using an innovative sports sponsorship funding model to actually generate profit.



Targeting Ocean Action with Bloomberg Philanthropies

Solving the coral reef crisis is complex compared to many other issues, so it has been a huge challenge to attract sufficient support for action. We developed a compelling new strategy for saving reefs — one that would appeal to funders. To date, this plan has resulted in over $85 million pledged for targeted conservation action.



We’re on a mission to accelerate ocean science and conservation

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Please support our work…


Ocean conservation attracts less than 0.2% of charitable giving, even though declining ocean health is one of the world’s greatest issues. There’s not enough support for the established organizations let alone more. That’s why we established a different type of nonprofit - one that could get powerful new players to get involved and help fast-track action.